Our Process

Helping people retire and stay retired since 1981, we understand the things that are important to you. And our relationship with you and the process for securing your family's future begins right there. We put not only our own considerable experience to work on your behalf, but also the knowledge of New York Life's Advanced Planning Group team; professionals experienced in taxes, law, life insurance, accounting, and philanthropic planning. This coordinated approach helps ensure that all areas are considered in order to formulate the right course of action for you. Over the years working with our clients, we primarily seek to answer 2 simple questions:

What percent of your income do you want in retirement?
What percent of your assets do you want to go to your heirs in the future?

Since these questions are both most common answered 100%, we continuously update and help ensure things are on track regardless of what’s going on in the world or economy.


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Step 1: Review

Review your individual situation and personal objectives. Every family’s financial situation is unique. That’s why it’s so important to find out as much as we can about you and your financial goals. The more we know about you, the more precise recommendations we can make and the more we can help you. As a result, we may take some time to discuss your objectives, concerns and goals — the things that really matter to you. This is the basis for the first meeting with anyone we sit down with. There is no cost for this. Clients find the experience of being able to sit down with a caring, local and trusted professional is of great value.

Step 2: Analyze

Analyze your current financial picture and review your needs. We work with you to identify and prioritize your objectives and then help establish what needs to be done, if anything, to make sure you are on track to accomplish your goals. This is important because we live in a world of unlimited choices. People often fail to achieve objectives because they try to accomplish too much at once or don't know where to start. By breaking down your goals to simple, actionable steps, a better and clearer financial future comes into focus.

Step 3: Develop

Develop and implement a strategy to help you achieve your goals. Based on our conversations and analysis, we can recommend the steps that it will take to help you achieve your financial goals. It's your money so it's always your final decision each step we take. You are always in the driver's seat, but we're like your GPS helping you get to where you want to go. We move 1 step at a time so things are easy to understand and follow. Our goal is always peace of mind each step along the way.

Step 4: Coordinate

Coordinate your financial activities. We regularly coordinate insurance and financial activities for clients with the other members of their team of financial, tax and legal advisors*. We can do the same for you. Even when you aren't thinking about your finances, we are!

Step 5: Monitor Progress

We regularly monitor progress and provide ongoing service over time. Strategies may need to be adjusted periodically as your life and the economy changes. We will work with you over the years to help keep your goals and plans on track with the passage of time. We reach out to clients regularly to update them on their investments and so on. We encourage clients to use us a resource for advice on all financial related matters.

*Neither Steele Financial Solutions, its staff nor New York Life Ins. Co. or its agents or affiliates provides tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.


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