Steele Financial Solutions Can Help You With Retirement Planning
Your family's finances are our family's business!

Tema L. Steele, MBA
Founder & Co-Owner
Joel I. Steele, CLU
Partner & Co-Owner

"While we exclusively help our clients with retirement planning, there are a lot of moving parts that go into it."

Our Retirement Planning Services

  • Goal Based Planning: clarifying your goals & doing everything possible to help you achieve them.
  • Cost Effective Implementation: utilizing best vehicles available for your individual situation.
  • Risk Management: balancing risk vs return relative to goals & needs.
  • Asset Allocation & Rebalancing: appropriate exposure to relevant asset classes & investments over time.
  • Investment Review & Coordination: routinely making sure your investments are appropriate based on your goals, etc.
  • Income Planning: helping deliver regular monthly income from all sources. (Avoid running out of money)
  • Protection Planning: analyzing & addressing risks to achieve financial security. (Considering safe money alternatives)
  • Behavioral Coaching: helping to make the right financial decisions & avoid the wrong ones.
  • Emotional Counseling: regarding investments & other retirement planning components.
  • Tax Minimization Planning: (using financial strategies or products)
  • Social Security & Pension Decision Making:i (being involved to help you make the best decisions for you)
  • Withdrawal/Distribution Analysis & Planning: help decide when/where to take money from when needed
  • Insurance Analysis & Planning: (review of life & long-term care insurances)
  • Beneficiary & Estate Planning: (identifying to whom & how your assets pass most efficiently with the least amount of taxation)
  • Brokerage Services: for insurances/fixed investments: (shop around among solid financial institutions)
  • Sounding Board/Resource: for any financial related thought, question or idea
  • Cash Considerations: (making sure your cash is earning respectable interest and reflects your liquidity needs)

Additional Included Features & Services

  • Keeping track of all assets in house & out for you & heirs (Creating a treasure map)
  • Keeping you posted of relevant rules/laws/changes that apply to your situation
  • Regular calls, emails & meetings as needed or requested to review
  • Referral network of legal, accounting, health insurance & other professionals
  • Financial 411 & 911 when needed (call or email us any time)

Meet The Team at Steele Financial Solutions

  • Joel Steele, CLU: Financial Advisor, 20 years of experience
  • Terna Steele, MBA: Financial Services Professional, 42 years of experience
  • Carol Rupertus: Client Support Specialist, 17 years of experience
  • Sue-Ann Ragozine: Client Support Specialist, 17 years of experience
  • Stephanie Gandy: Client Support since 2023

"Your Family's Finances Are Our Family's Business!"
90 North Kings Highway Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 (856) 321-0070

i **Obtain pension & social security amounts directly from your employer and the Social Security Administration.
We do not offer legal and tax advice.


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